Craigie Aitchison RA MBE (1926-2009)
Georgina Allen - Still Life I
Andre Bicat (1909-1996) Artichokes
Andre Bicat (1909-1996) Fruit and Flowers
Andre Bicat (1909-1996) Magic Machine
Andre Bicat (1909-1996) Red Flask
Andre Bicat (1909-1996) Red Peppers
Jeremy Annear (b.1959) Sea Objects
Basil Beattie (b.1935) Bubble wrapped, 2001
Basil Beattie (b.1935) Stairing, 2001
Jim Bradford (1922-2004) White Jug with Blue Cloth and Green
Jim Bradford (1922-2004) Blue Vase and Yellow Bowl on Black and White
Jim Bradford (1922-2004) Fruit in bowl with matching jug
Jim Bradford (1922-2004) Patterned Jug on red, white and black
John Bratby (1928-1992) Still Life, Flowers and Hummingbird
Stephen Brook (b.1957) Deckchair by a yellow windbreaker
Stephen Brook (b.1957) French cafe scene
Sir George Clausen R.A. (1852-1944)
Alan Cotton (b.1936) Evening Orchard and Hillside, Provence
Claire Eastgate (b.1968) Shot cup
Claire Eastgate (b.1968) Chipped Eggcup
Claire Eastgate (b.1968) Lemon and Lime
Claire Eastgate (b.1968) Lemon and Limes
Henri Evenepoel (1872-1899) In the Square
Marcel Gatteaux (b.1962) View through the Vines, Cassis
Marcel Gatteaux (b.1962) Sunflowers, Avignon
Marcel Gatteaux (b.1962) Vineyards, Chateau neuf du Pape
Iain Macnab (1890-1967) Standing nude
Simon Marsh (b.1961) Wirral Dunes
Maryanne Nicholls - Cirsium II
Henri Matisse (1869-1954)
Robert Lewis McLellan-Sim (1907-1985) Lakeland view, probably Kenya
Harry Ousey (1915-1985) Verticals in black and blue
Harry Ousey (1915-1985) Abstract, Arles, Provence
Harry Ousey (1915-1985) Abstract Mediterranean
Carol Peace (b.1970) Standing Lady
Pablo Ruiz Picasso (1881-1973) Homme Couche et Femme Assise
Patrick Procktor R.A. (1936-2003) Lillies I
Ray Richardson (b.1938) London Eye
Lucy Runge Sunday Cup and Shell
Lucy Runge - Blue Chair
Rose in a Green Vase
Lucy Runge - Green Vase
Tony Scrivener (b.1944) Cornish Summer
Jane Skingley - Autumn Field Beacon Hill
Jane Skingley - Cottington Hill
Jane Skingley - Evening Light, West Wittering
Jane Skingley - Inlet, West Wittering
Jane Skingley - Mists over the River Trent
Jane Skingley - Starry Night
Jane Skingley - View from Old Burghclere
Vernon Southward (1913-1981) Woody Bay, Isle of Wright
Vernon Southward (1913-1981) View from San Gimignano
Vernon Southward (1913-1981) Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wright
Vernon Southward (1913-1981) Montaigne Sainte Victoire
Vernon Southward (1913-1981) Tennyson Down, Isle of Wright
Vernon Southward (1913-1981) Montaigne Sainte Victoire
William Tillyer (b.1938) Untitled, 1988
Wendy Winfield - Anemones
Lisa Wright (b.1965) Beach boys
Lisa Wright (b.1965) Twinkle Twinkle

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